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Silicone rubber designer and manufacturer

ISO9001-2000 Certified
high quality and high precision manufacturer........

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Solomon Star Asia Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company
(HQ) with our very own 5000 square meter production plant
in Dongguan, Fenggang, China under the name of
Dongguan Xiantai Plastic & Rubber Product Industry Co.,
Limited. With our aim of searching excellent quality, our
production plant is equipped with advanced machinery and
manufacturing facilities, according to our ISO9001:2000

With more than 10 years of professional experiences of our
qualified engineering team, we are proficient in the design
& development, and production of high quality and high
precision rubber/silicon rubber components (such as
Conductive Silicone Rubber Single Keys, Conductive Silicone
Rubber Keypads, Membrane Switches, Zebra Connectors,
and all kinds of Rubber Parts). Materials selected are all
complied with the European (RoHS) standard of
environmental protection, and FDA/LMBG food grade

We also provide One Stop Solution for OEM & ODM of
electronics consumable products such as CD Players,
Electronic Clocks, Electronic Toys, and Silicon Rubber Toys.
From R&D and prototype making, to components assembly
and packaging, we are capable to help all our clients in
producing their products that fulfill the requirements of
their rapid changing and growing markets.

It has always been our desire to use our expertise to
understand our customers' processes and provide real
solutions to their needs, domestically and internationally.

Check out our list of items on our
Sample Products page for


(We Sell): Silicone Adult Toys,Silicone Rubber
Parts,Conductive Silicone Rubber Single Keys,Conductive
Silicone Rubber Keypad,Membrane Switch,Zebra
Connector,CD Player,Electronic Clock,Electronic
Toys,Silicone Rubber Toys

(We Buy): Silicone material,Packaging Materials,Color glue

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