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VoIP and Telephony Specialist

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We are based in Hong Kong and specialise in VoIP New Technology Telecommunication solutions.

1) Is your company geographically dispersed?

Companies with a high volume of calls to remote offices on a constant basis throughout the day are the most likely to save on long distance charges. Because phone calls are routed through the company's computer system, long distance charges for these calls are eliminated. Multi-branch and multi-national companies stand to save the most on telephone charges, but a company with two locations can also reduce phone system expenses on an ongoing basis, once the initial cost of the VOIP installation or upgrade has been amortized.

2) What are the calling patterns in your company?

Are phone calls primarily internal or external? Companies often deploy a hybrid telephone system (legacy type system), using their current phones and cabling for internal telephone calls, and VOIP phone systems for long distance. Existing PBX Systems can often be upgraded to accommodate to our VOIP calling.

3) What existing telecom equipment do you have?

If your PBX system is new, it may be VOIP-enabled, and if it's not new but was installed in the last few years, it's likely that software and hardware modifications can be made to your phone system to accommodate VOIP calling. Failing which you can still accommodate VoIP calling by integrating our Technology System and getting there.

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