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The Pantel is a wall mounted Access Control Door Phones, which can be connected to an analog port of a PBX or a Key System. The Pantel is compatible with most known telephone systems and PBX types.

With the press of a button, the Pantel dials a pre-defined extension number of up to 20 digits, which allows the dialed party to open the door for the caller using the telephone keypad.

The Pantel has the following features:

- Direct dialing to the assigned extension/number
- Door opening from any extension
- Programmable day and night destinations
- Designed for wall mounting
- Works in conjunction with card readers and security
- Hands free intercom
- Simple to operate and program

General Specifications

Power Supply (External) 12V AC@1.6A (supplied with unit)
12-24V DC@1.6A (optional)
Line Voltage 24-72V DC
DC Leakage < 10 A
On-Hook Insulation
(Resistance Between Line
Terminal and Ground)
0-100V DC > 5MΩ
100-200 V DC > 30 KΩ
500V AC/50Hz > 20KΩ
100V AC/25Hz > 100KΩ
Ring Capacitor 0.47 F 10%
On-Hook Impedance @50V DC, 40V AC/25Hz>3000Ω
Ring Detect 27-100 V AC/16-60 Hz
DC Resistance (Off-Hook) 24-66V DC @ 20-100mA/350Ω
Impedance (Off-Hook) 300-3400Hz 500-700Ω
Imbalance Ratio 300-3400Hz > 46dB
Return Loss 300-3400Hz > 18dB
Current During Break < 700 A
DTMF Transmission:
Frequency Tolerance
Frequency Level (High)
Frequency Level (Low)
-6 to 8dBm
-8 to 10dBm
Inter-Digit Pause Time 70-80ms
Relay Switching Current 2A max
Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
19.4cm x 10.2cm/7.6inch x 4.0inch
18.5cm x 9.5cm/7.3inch x 9.5inch
Operating Temperature Outdoor: -20C to +50C/4F to
Indoor: 0C to +35C/32F to 95F
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