Door phones Hong Kong (PanCam)

PanCam-C and PanCam-T at a Glance

The PanCam is a sophisticated wall mounted Access Control Door Phone with an internal black & white or color high-quality pinhole camera encased within the unit. The PanCam controls the camera, providing 3 different modes of operation: always on, powered by pressing any button, or powered by pressing the call button.

ITS's PanCam is only available in an aluminum unit, which is weather and vandal resistant.

The Aluminum PanCam Door Phones have the following Features:
- High-quality black & white or color pinhole camera
- High-quality speakerphone
- Door opening from any extension
- Programmable day and night destinations
- Work in conjunction with card readers and security technologies
- Busy and Disconnect Detection
- Hands free intercom
- Simple to operate and program
- Sophisticated looking durable design

General Specifications

Power Supply (External) 12V AC@1.6A (supplied with unit)
12-24V DC@1.6A (optional)
Line Voltage 24-72V DC
DC Leakage < 10 A
On-Hook Insulation
(Resistance Between Line
Terminal and Ground)
0-100V DC > 5MΩ
100-200 V DC > 30 KΩ
500V AC/50Hz > 20KΩ
100V AC/25Hz > 100KΩ
Ring Capacitor 0.47 F 10%
On-Hook Impedance @50V DC, 40V AC/25Hz>3000Ω
Ring Detect 27-100 V AC/16-60 Hz
DC Resistance (Off-Hook) 24-66V DC @ 20-100mA/350Ω
Impedance (Off-Hook) 300-3400Hz 500-700Ω
Imbalance Ratio 300-3400Hz > 46dB
Return Loss 300-3400Hz > 18dB
Current During Break < 700 A
DTMF Transmission:
Frequency Tolerance
Frequency Level (High)
Frequency Level (Low)
-6 to 8dBm
-8 to 10dBm
Inter-Digit Pause Time 70-80ms
Relay Switching Current 2A max
Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit
19.4cm x 10.2cm/7.6inch x 4.0inch
18.5cm x 9.5cm/7.3inch x 9.5inch
Operating Temperature Outdoor: -20C to +50C/4F to
Indoor: 0C to +35C/32F to 95F
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